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My name is Taylor Wallace, aka Wally, a nickname that I picked up as a kid.  I am currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  

I started taking photos over 12 years ago, after following my favorite band around the country. I had a strong connection with the live music community, and had a desire to contribute to it. I knew I had a natural eye of how to frame a shot since my father was also a professional photographer in the 1970-1980’s. The natural eye for photography, mixed with always having an interest in technology, created the perfect skill set to launch my photography career, diving in head first and rarely looking back.

My early photography years were spent at Terminal West, a live music venue in Atlanta, where for over two years I would bartend, but also make sure to photograph 5-10 minutes of every headlining act that came through the doors, sometimes 5-6 shows a week. The goal each night was to capture, edit, and post a unique image before the show was over. It was the perfect practice grounds and learning space to sharpen my camera skills in a concert setting.

While these years at Terminal West were some of my favorite, my photography skills were truly perfected when I started working alongside a handful of extremely talented individuals in the industry, at two different companies, Alive Coverage (event photography) and YouVisit (virtual tours). Being on a team of photographers where we constantly bounced ideas, advice and experiences off each other was incredible for my professional growth.

The "iWally” brand was started (2010) as a personal photography project, hence the "i" before "Wally”. Yet, over the years, I’ve learned that far more can be accomplished with the power of teamwork and collaboration. I’m very grateful for all the crazy experiences and amazing people I’ve met on this photography journey so far, and I couldn’t be more exited about the future and where this camera will take me next!

Thanks for checking out the site and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


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