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Taylor Wallace or iWally Photography is known for capturing amazing emotion and energy during concerts, weddings, studio, portraits and more!


Fall 2010

Every third Thursday of the month the vibe @ King Plow Art Center is unlike any other in the city of Atlanta.  People put aside all prehibitions and go all out. Local DJs Megan Foxxx (Heroes & Villains), Mayhem (Atlanta Dubstep) and Dibiase are always showing out along with specials guests like Yelawolf, Sorted, F.L.Y. and others..

If you are still sleeping on this party it's about time to wake up and strap on the dancing shoes.  A few pics below are the last things I've got to say about that..

DSC_0133 copy.jpg
DSC_0151 copy.jpg
DSC_0191 copy.jpg

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