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Veeshee.com Studio Shoot :: Round 3

Winter 2012

This last Veeshee.com studio shoot we did was the biggest and best thus far! We added another set along the white seamless to give us the chance at trying some new looks with a set background. Also new to this shoot was the introduction of large props into the white seamless such as an antique vanity, flowers, umbrellas and more. Click the computer below to check out their new photos, interactive embroidery features and online store!

Here's a few frames from the Feb 2012 shoot.

DSC_0033 copy.jpg
DSC_0112 - Version 2 copy.jpg
DSC_0062 copy.jpg
DSC_0074 - Version 31.jpg
DSC_0116 copy.jpg
DSC_0074 - Version 5 copy.jpg
DSC_0108 copy.jpg

I've always loved photography of all sorts from events and concerts to skyline and street photography but there's nothing like producing and conducting you're own studio shoot, especially on the scale that we've worked up to with Veeshee.com.  I just want to say thanks to all the people involved that make these shoots happen: Brittany, Brooke and all the Martin family, Johnny, the models that have been there from the start and new ones and all the awesome venues we've shot at. You know who you are. Thanks!