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aLIVE Nation Tour 2015

July-September 2015

After shooting STS9 back in March, at the House of Blues Chicago, Live Nation decided to give us, aLIVE Coverage, a contract shooting new photography for close to 40 mid-sized venues around the United States. We decided to appropriately name this run of shows the "aLIVE Nation Tour." 

This included all HoB's, Fillmore's and other cool spots like the Tabernacle in ATL, the Wiltern in LA, St. Andrews in Detroit and a bunch more. We split the list up between a few other aLIVE team members and went to work, striving to capture the over all vibe and energy through out the room, both before and during the show.

Here's some of my favorites from this run and cheers my aLIVE team for completing this major job!