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Sound Tribe Sector 9

Summer 2010

STS9 has been a major inspiration to my photography for a few different reasons.  I believe this band is the primary reason I even got a DSLR camera in the first place. I used to always take pics and vids at their shows on my little sony cybershot and was never too happy with them.  Finally one day I had enough of it and decided to go drop $$ on a Nikon d60.  I remember the first time I tried to take the d60 into a show in boulder and got denied b/c I didnt have a photo-pass. So instead of giving up there I just waited. Next time I saw them play I succeeded in sneaking my camera into the Georgia Theatre during a 3 night run (2009) that STS9 played in Athens, sent my pics into their mgmt, and after a few days they were displayed on their website. I remember how happy and fulfilled the gesture of them displaying my work made me.  Since then I have shot a few more of their shows. The Alabama Theatre, a halloween show at the War Memorial in Nashville, and a couple times here in Atlanta at, my personal favorite venue, the Tabernacle and Verizon Amphitheater.

This last time was extra special since the usually electronic band played only their third acoustic set in the bands history. Check out some of the shots I got from that show from that link or on their website www.sts9.com.

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a couple of my favorite below..