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Re:Generation at Horning's Hideout

Summer 2011


Perfectly nestled inside the breath taking lands of North Plains, Oregon was STS9, back at it again, hosting their very own music festival, Re:Generation.  This year Re:Generation took place from June 23rd to the 26th (2011).  The last Re:Gen took place in 2007 on the east coast at a venue of equal beauty called Deerfields located right outside Asheville, NC.  Ever since that 2007 Re:Gen I've held that weekend to such high regards as calling it my best musical experience.  So returning to something so special to me, 4 years later, at a new venue that holds the same heaven-on-earth reputation, was an easy decision.

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This year Re:Generation was a four day festival on two different stages.  Possibly the best part of the festival was that barely any of the live performances overlap each other, giving the crowd a fair shot of seeing every artist on the bill.  Another huge plus was the weather/temperature.  Coming all the way from Atlanta in late June, I was not expecting the jeans and jacket temps that the Pacific NW hosts that time of year.


STS9 performed 3 masterfully crafted electronic shows along with a sunday afternoon acoustic show that knocked off a sock or two to say the least! Some highlights of their performances included the following:

For starters, each electronic set the band opened with about a minute long atmospheric intro which was a nice change and and really set the tone for each perspective show.

6.24.11 :: Great song selection to start their festival off: ReEmergence and Grow! Then a few songs w Big Gigantic's Saxophonist, Dominic Lalli including an improv sounding track later titled Jam w/ DomTap-In and Mischeif of a Sleepwalker were personal highlights to start to close out the set.

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6.25.11 :: This was a high energy Friday night set where STS9 was on before Bassnectar on the main stage. The middle section of the first set included beautiful versions of Frequencies Peace 2-3 (see video below) and 4 year puma along with a strong new track that seems to be getting rave fan reviews, When the Dust Settles. The second set that night contained an emotional and well placed Water Song and a sure crowd favorite Aimlessly. Then right when everyone thought the show was over the boys came back out and graced everyone in attendance with an encore some only dream of...Breathe In AND We'll Meet In Our Dreams! Blessed...

STS9 - Frequencies Peace 3 (HD) Live from Re:Generation :: June 25, 2011

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6.26.11 :: (acoustic/day) Can't ever got wrong with an Equinox opener.. But honestly the only thing to say about this show is how great it was to catch the first time acoustic versions of Circus, ROY-G-BIV and Dance!  The acoustic setting had everyone relaxing on the hill side simply soaking up and enjoying life but on the opening notes of Circus everyone knew Acoustic magic was happening and all ran down the hillside to either break out some dance moves or just simply cherish the moment .. It was a truly one I will never forget.

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6.26.11 :: (electric/evening) A superb version of Crystal Instrument was soon followed up by a time stopping Orbital. STS9's final set of the weekend included one of my favorite's Hubble, a very nice What Is Love? and the song known by some as the prayer and perfect closing tune, Baraka.


Other acts that really impressed me over the weekend were: Tycho, Little People, Bassnectar, Lotus, Emancipator, Big Gigantic, Glitch Mob, Up Until Now, Keys and Krates, Polish Ambassador, Octopus Nebula, Great Mundane, Inspired Flight and more!

Here's a few more photos from the weekend below, but for more of the album please click the links below. 

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