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Veeshee :: Studio Shoot :: Round 2

Fall 2011

With new products consistently arriving combined with faster than expected recent company growth, the crew at Veeshee were more than ready for another studio shoot.  In case you missed the first post from our late 2010 shoot, Veeshee is a web-based monogram company specializing in bags and towels but really will monogram about anything you could dream of.

Our Spring/Summer 2011 shoot had some brand new arrivals including items such as monogramed oven mits, tailgate tubs, aprons, umbrellas and even a monogramed roller cooler!  This round two shoot was hosted by a few returning models from the previous season but also welcomed some new and warm faces to the camera's lens. 

These Veeshee studio shoots are always a blast to work on. They can sometimes end up being the most rewarding down the road when putting the final products to use in catalogs, web sites, magnets, look books etc.. Keep scrolling down for some more images from the spring/summer 2011 Veeshee shoot and be sure to keep them in mind when buying that next gift!  Click Here -> www.Veeshee.com

DSC_0037 copy.jpg
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