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Basel Castle (Miami, FL)

Winter 2013


After going to Miami for Art Basel this year I don't ever want to even think about missing another one again. Artists from literally all over the world come together in the sunny city for this one week out of the year. The depths that one's mind can be expanded while being exposed to the art is simply endless! Besides all the amazing exhibits and attractions, the main reason I was brought down to Miami was to photograph what's known as the closing event of the amazing Art Basel week called Basel Castle.

Basel Castle is a single day festival right outside downtown Miami and does a superior job of being a half art and half music festival. While the main stage attracted some great names such as Chance the Rapper, SBTRKT, Gesaffelstein and more, it's the mural walls that seemed to really be the special part of this festival.  The largest wall, over 35 ft long, was humbly given to the French-based artist Nychos who knocked out one of the coolest pieces I've ever seen of a colored x-ray type mural of the human body including anatomy/organs. Other mural artists included Greg Mike, Peter Ferrari, Woes, Nosego, Lamour Supreme and a bunch more.

Big thanks to ABV Agency for bringing me down to Miami for this one and I can't wait to continue working with this great group of artists who host Basel Castle in future years to come.

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