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TomorrowWorld (Chattahoochee Hills, GA)

Fall 2013


It was a complete honor to be a part of the official photography team for the first ever TomorrowWorld. The festival comes from overseas and has been a major multi-day event in Belgium for the past decade, attracting fans from all over the world to it's one of a kind festival experience.  Being a part of the team the first year was even more of a big deal since the team of seven was mostly comprised of Belgian photographers, leaving only a couple slots for state-side photog's to fill.

TomorrowWorld was also one of the largest-scale event's I've ever been apart of, bringing nearly 45k fans to the grounds each day of the long weekend. The most intense part of the whole festival, from a photographer's stand point, was that it had eight, yes 8, stages that were spread out over about a mile-wide radius. Cruising on bikes and golf carts when I could, this was a serious endurance challenge anyway I looked at it, but timing things just right and getting a little lucky here and there did lead to some of the most spectacular and exciting moments I've ever witnessed as a photographer. Check for yourself in the images below.